If you currently own a home in Mesa, Arizona and are even considering selling, it is a great time to finally get that ball rolling. Zillow’s home value index is predicting an 8.2% escalation in value for housing in Mesa within the upcoming year. Additionally, the market is highly beneficial to sellers at this point, meaning that there are more buyers looking for homes than there are great homes listed for sale. If you are looking to sell your home but unsure of when exactly is the best time to sell, these simple tips will help guide you to find the perfect time to put your home on the market. 

Work with a Realtor That Has Expert Knowledge of the Local Market 

Top agents in Mesa are well aware of the real estate market’s yearly ebb and flow. A great agent will be able to advise you on exactly when to list your home in order to garner the highest potential offers. This knowledge will be a huge benefit to you. If you haven’t found a real estate agent that you would like to partner with, you can utilize digital platforms that will best meet your real estate needs. For example, Effective Agents is a website that analyzes information on your house and neighborhood to match you with a list of the best local agents. The list will be specially curated to your specific needs and goals for selling your home. 

Capitalize on Prime-Time Selling Season 

Nationwide data have found that the absolute best time of year for home sales is proven to be the first 2 weeks of May. The statistics from The Mortgage Reports show that homes sell, on average, 18 days faster than any other time of year. Houses sold during those 2 weeks also receive nearly 6% more on the offer price. These two weeks also align with the goal of selling your home prior to Arizona’s late summer months where the temperatures could keep buyers a bit stagnant. The goal of selling in mid-to-late spring should be to have your home fully ready to be listed and open to prospective buyers by the beginning of April. 

Understand When Your Prospective Buyer Wants to Move 

Additionally, many families with children are looking to complete their move during the summer months. Kids are out of school and this is the perfect time to relocate in time for them to not have to miss school to move, but it is also ideal because children will not have to start at a new school in the middle of a school year. A summer move is appealing to a variety of people, as summer is generally a more lax time where people utilize vacation days that can go towards a big move. 

Do Necessary Work During Winter Months 

As mentioned above, late spring and early summer are the ideal time to sell your home at the maximum price with the least time on the market. You should be putting together a complete list with goal completion dates of any work, repairs or upgrades you can complete during the winter season before listing your home.

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