Selling a home is an arduous process. Few people understand all of the work required to sell a property quickly. Some homeowners want to sell their property without working with a real estate agent. Although this may seem like a great way to save money, working with a quality real estate agent is a proven way to increase earnings when selling a home. With the growing competition in the Gilbert market, it has never been more important to separate your home from the rest. Use these 3 tips to make the most out of your sale!

Market Data

Gilbert is an affluent community that is attractive to many home buyers. Over the past few years, home values in the city have increased drastically. The average home is now worth $361,000. During the last housing crash, home values in the area plummeted. A large percentage of homes in Gilbert had negative equity. However, foreclosures in the area are now rare. People looking for homes in Gilbert want a clean house that is ready to move into. Sellers should spend a considerable amount of time preparing a home before listing it on the market. Some sellers hire a professional cleaning company to clean the property before listing it for sale. Most cleaning companies only charge a few hundred dollars to clean an entire house. 

Real Estate Agent

Hiring a quality real estate agent is essential to selling a home fast. Some sellers do not conduct enough research before picking a real estate agent. The top agents in Gilbert understand the trends in the local market. These agents will make recommendations so sellers can maximize the proceeds from the sale of a home. The best Realtors® in Gilbert have years of experience selling homes. Although the local housing market is strong, sellers should still work with a real estate agent to make the process as comfortable as possible. 

Home Modifications

There are inexpensive ways that home sellers can make their property stand out from others. As housing in Gilbert increases in value, buyers expect that properties will have specific amenities and upgrades. Sellers who have carpet flooring should consider updating to hardwood floors. Although hardwood is expensive, some cheaper options look great.  Some homeowners need to upgrade their landscaping before selling a home. Most buyers do not want to purchase a home that requires a lot of work. Making minor repairs before selling a property is an excellent way to make the property more attractive to home buyers. 


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